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So you followed the link on my profile image.

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Well, given the fact that some profiles on the web require/prefer you have a profile picture, but don’t do anything to stop the public/AI web scraping, it seems prudent to avoid sharing a trivially associated image of oneself.

In the modern world with all the ability we have to generate disinformation from our phones, laptops, and servers, without much effort, making things just that much harder for people to spoof a meaningful biometric signature of an individual seems rather important.

I know there are always going to be ways for threat actors to put more effort in than those protecting themselves, but making it less than trivial is at least a first step towards safety and security. It also helps normalize avoiding over-sharing some information or identifiers with 3rd parties.

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This is a little project I’m currently working on, which will be a simple JavaScript app that lets you replace faces in a picture with a QR-code.

Eventually my hope is to automate it so it will simply be about uploading the file, and retrieving a modified verison.