Project Building

Building an app or project has been something that has escaped me for some time. I’ve got a few ideas kicking around, and haven’t really had the time, interest, or skills necessary to kick any one of them off.

I’m sure a lot of it comes down to biting off a lot more than I can chew and ultimately giving up pretty quickly. Honestly, a website itself, like this one, gives me a lot of pause. But that aside, I suppose I’ll want to start working on all this kind of thing.

Now, I’ve decided I’m going to build an app that I’ve wanted to build for a long time. Or rather, wished someone else would build but no one has bothered as of yet, much to my chagrin.

Ultimately, it’s a fitness app. But I think that, in general, fitness apps are kind of… mediocre. They are either far too much (either by way of price or buy-in philosophically) or far too simple (lacking a bunch of features that would ease transitions). Now, I definitiely have been rather guilty of using a lack of such a system as I imagine, which I will detail to some degree here, but elaborate more later as I build the thing, as an excuse to not exercise. Something along the lines of “Oh, well, I would go and exercise, but how would I keep track of my progress? How would I design my workouts?”" and other excuses would come across my mind. Combine that with a general feeling of a lack of time (though I manage to spend hours pondering where next to spend what non-existent spare cash I have), and you have a recipe for procrastination.

Well, I should tackle my procrastination/excuses, and I shall. But I should also turn this into an excuse to do a project. Build something. Something I’d use.

I have more grandeous plans as well, such as schedule building (or rather, an itenerary builder), budgeting, and some kind of crazy integration between all three apps (fitness, schedule, budget).

But let us start simple.


I want a way to do the following:

  1. Track my execise as I perform it.
  2. Review my performance.
  3. Do basic projections on when I should increase or change my exercises.
  4. View trend lines and other graphic statistics.
  5. Do this on a computer and on my phone.

Not impossible, any one of those goals. And likely not particularly difficult, all told. There will of course be more features I’d like to add, but let me say for now that this is what I’d like to have happen. Part of the reason for the computer and phone bit is that I HATE entering information on my phone. I find my philosophy is that my phone is for information retrieval and communication; my computer is for information synthesis and entry. I’d really like the app, whatever I call it, to adhere to that principle.

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