Well, I didn’t post anything yesterday Link to heading

At least I didn’t post anything on this site.

I got a lot of stuff fixed here on Wednesday, and got a decent amount of stuff out the door, but I didn’t really post too much.

I did a couple things over on Mastodon.

But here, nothing.

But I wasn’t doing nothing.

Docker, Kubernetes, and Networking Link to heading

So one of the things I was doing yesterday was learning all about the different ways you can network stuff in Docker. And how Kubernetes likes to play.

The answer is that Kubernetes is very prescriptive. And honestly, I get that. It simplifies a lot of behaviors, and makes what it is supposed to be used for quite easy to do.

But then on the flip side, when I’m over here trying to hack out a not-so-supported use case of emulation of environments without virtualization, I look like an idiot.

But, that’s how it goes.

I made progress today, and got everything nice and working the way I hoped. But it isn’t exactly kosher.

SLURM Link to heading

I’m also looking into set up a process scheduler/workload thing for my homelab. I’ve got a few hosts here, including an old desktop (which I’m sure is exceptionally power inefficient, but whatever), and I’d love to figure out if I can combine their compute is some way that makes doing some of the fancier maths and science computing I enjoy playing around with easier.

So I’m looking into SLURM.

I’ll post more as I learn more.

Doing some janky wiring Link to heading

I bought a house last year. It’s a decent old thing, but the previous owners were… uhh, haphazard in their treatment and workmanship around the place.

One thing that I’m a little miffed about is the CAT5 cables in the wall; 100Mbps is a little bleh.

But that said, another thing was that I found half the cables down by the internet entry point stripped of their male ends.

I did some janky things to get them to be O.K. for the time being (stripped them with something that WASN’T a wire stripper, then wound everything by hand to another cable I stripped by hand). And now I’ve got some wired internet (as opposed to my wireless that is faster, objectively, but not quite so nice.)

I also need to sit down and label and find all the cables.

I’d really like to get the homelab setup nice and clean, and not so janky as it has been in the past.