P1: Finding My Voice

In general, I don’t write an extensive amount. Like most people, I consume a lot of content. I also find it hard to consider what I might want to add.

As far as it goes, I’ll probably work on some documentation practice via ’tutorials’; seems to be standard practice for most people in the development sphere who run blogs.

Getting this actually set up, and running (roughly) as expected feels pretty good. I’ve spent a lot of time deliberating on what platform to use, or whether to make my own. I ended up going with hugo for my choice. In general, this was for the same reasons that almost everyone else did it:

Obviously hugo allows itself to be built into whatever you like; some people add a lot of extra fluff on the edges. I will likely be avoiding that, at least for now. I’ve changed my mind a lot of times on this, but really, until I have content that demands extra tools, I won’t bother.

I’ve added one (somewhat) significant feature; LaTeX support. Not that I often write LaTeX math expressions in what I want to write, but it definitely is useful, and I would hate to be hampered in my desire to write about maths or logic.

I find that, though I have a lot of opinions (some of them informed; many not) about technology, development, etc - I find that I have a hard time writing them in any real way. Some of this may just to feel myself out for what I think. It is said that writing things down tends to help one think them out.

I will also design a filing system for all these tidbits I add here. Likely as not, the content will be divided into subcategories, such as: Personal Blog; Philosophy; Software Development and Computer Science.

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