First Pass at a Stack

Well, the first thing you need to decide when building a project is the stack.

I personally don’t have a crazy amount of experience at this point picking a stack for a project, but I guess that’s half of what this is all about.


I’m going to start off using PocketBase. Mostly because I like setting things up for myself, and a completely plug and play experience leaves me feeling a little hollow. I’m somewhere between Lego and DIY; I like things sort of done for me, but I like to mess around a little to see if I can’t do my own thing, too.


I’m going to, as detailed in my last post, use Flutter. Not simply because its cross-platform, though I like that. I also just don’t have the interest right now of messing about in JavaScript and it’s descendants. Eventually I accept I’ll have to learn that stack. But for now, while I can, I will avoid it to some degree.

I think over the next couple days I’ll get started, using a new droplet on DigitalOcean. I’ll also likely grab myself a URL. I’ll just keep this site for my more straightforward personal stuff.

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